since 2009 bildlich-t is an professional drone company for aerial filming with self developed drones and multicopter based in

munich bavaria.

from the beginning we are in the drone buisiness and improve our systemes from this time so that we can offer our clients an professional Equipment for their cinema, commercials or TV productions.

our pilots and operators have an long experience in flying for commercials, cinema or TV projects  and have realised many 

international and national projects in the last years all over the world.


if your are searching for an professional aerial drone service  from the sky we are to 100 % the top address for you......

led drohne tipico

"Led drone and aerials for TIPICO TV commercial 2020"

client : Tipico, director: Stuart Mcintyre, DOP: Christopher Soos, agency: Jung von Matt, production: Anorak Film, post: The Mill


"Aerials for the new Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken TV Campane 2020

client: VBRB, production: Salwater Films, agency: DDB Berlin, drone service:


"shots for Amazon original series

2019 This is football"

client : Benwell Studios
production: Conrad and Friends Production


"Wackersdorf win`s the bavarian movie


production: if productions

camera: Kaspar Kaven

aerials :

"Willkommen bei den Hartmanns wins the german movie award"

director: Simon Verhoeven
camera: Jo Heim

drone pilots :

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-20 um

"Mercedes EQC Prototype

test in the heat of andalusia"

client : Mercedes
prodution: Leberg, Looping Group

drone / car to car:


"Neuer Paulaner TV Spot 2019"

director: Edward Berger
camera: Daniel Trenkle

production: soup film

agency: Thjnk
aerials drone service:

"On Set with Samuel l Jackson and Ray Stevenson for the movie Big Game"

director: Jalmari Helander

actors main: Samuel l Jackson, Ray Stevenson
drone service munich :

"Mindgamers got in the US cinemas"

director: Andrew Goth
camera: Gerry Vasbenter

 DOP: John Pardue

actors main: Sam Neil, Melia Kreiling

production: Terra Mater
drone aerials:

"One Take shot for SOKO Munich"

director: Michel Guillaume

production: UFA

drone munich:
Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-05 um

"Aerials for Weihenstephan TV Spot"

client : Weihenstephan
production: Wunderfilm

drone aerials :


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